Here is a new friend of mine that I met on a wine and food tour of Rome. Her name is Carol but goes by Cally. She is from Manchester in England and has the best humor ever. Swears and all. She is 34… I know can’t tell. But her tattoo I found to be interesting and asked what it meant. She said it pretty much means people are so wrapped in the routine of life of having to work a 9-5 job, find a douche bag boyfriend or bitchy girlfriend and claim a relationship that they have no relations with to begin with and have kids at the wrong time in their lives. She said she decided to travel the world and has been a tour manager for the best bands for 11 years and don’t regret a single thing. This is out of the norm where she is from. Pretty much doing what she wants in life and not doing what everyone else does which is staying in a small box. She has been single for 9 years,  no kids and travels the world alone. If that isn’t bad ass, I don’t know what is. She said break the norm, break your programming and make your own television program.



I met this young man in Paris at the train station, who was boarding to Germany like myself. I overheard a man speaking to him in English and asking if he was understanding what he was saying, the guy can only nod because he only spoke Russian. Something told me to walk over and see if I can help, given I know how difficult language barriers can be when traveling around the globe. The guy from America asked if I can help him get to Berlin, he doesn’t speak English. I agreed to help because I was going to Berlin myself. Not only did I help this man get a ticket without even understanding each other, (btw isn’t easy because I struggled myself to get my own ticket) we also became friends at that moment and I felt so damn good because in America I noticed, people walk past others who are struggling and could care less about their issues. When in fact, those are the same people that are stuck living the same lifestyle and not expanding beyond their comfort zones and will never be like my dear friend here. After all was said and done, we departed on two separate trains to Berlin, he said “you good woman.” That was all worth it.



Do you ever just look outside the window of a plane and wonder what it feels like to fly along the side of the wing of the plane your in? You wonder the direction of where your destination is from the sky, looking down? Well, I do. Usually, after a nap, I wake up and stretch and just stare out into the sky from my seat. Just thinking beyond the clouds about life, loved ones and what my next move is once I land. I have a music playlist in my head playing, I feel the beat and I feel the lyrics.  It is almost as if I have a soundtrack for each thought at the moment. I always prop my legs up in a certain position, such as the one in this photo when I get in my thought process. I love this feeling very much, with some coffee in my system and just thinking. Thinking on a plane is the best place to be to do such a thing because there is no distraction, just pure inspiration. You are going to a destination, that itself is inspiring. For whatever reason it is, that doesn’t matter because you got up to travel, while others didn’t or couldn’t do so.