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The top platform to Eryn

I’ve become interested in seeing what is out there in the world besides what I see on TV with average destinations that majority of people have been to. Well, it’s been that way for over a year and 21 countries later that I have been doing a good job. I wanted to spice up my travel by researching unique hotels to stay in. Starting in North America, I came across one in British Columbia, Qualicum Beach to be exact. I never heard of Qualicum Beach but I seen that it was near Vancouver and the price was right with flights. The USD is strong in Canada right now so it had to be the perfect time to visit. I came across photos from online about a place called, Free Spirit Spheres. It’s a sphere shaped tree hotel suspended from a tree. There are three on the property and it’s a family ran business. I was amazed at the photos and right then and there, I had to book at least a night to experience this amazing opportunity to sleep in a sphere shaped room hanging from a tree! Absolutely amazing.

I booked my flight through an app on my iPhone called, “Hitlist” and it was around $250.00 RT through Canada Air, from Boston to Vancouver and I took a small plane from Vancouver to Qualicum Beach RT for $180.00 which is only 20 minutes each way instead of taking the ferry which takes 3.5 hours one way, no thank you. If you are on a budget it’s about $15.00 one way to take the ferry if I stand correct. So if your not in a hurry, the ferry is fine.


Door to Eryn



Eryn Sphere


Each individual bathroom for each sphere


Inside bathroom to Eryn

pic 18

Pathway to bathrooms 

I arrived in Vancouver on Thursday and checked into a hostel for the night. It was called HI Vancouver Central and it was downtown where everything is. Easy to walk to restaurants and cafes and more. It was about $48.00 for a single room and shared bathrooms which wasn’t bad. Each floor has a few showers and individual bathrooms. The next day I headed out to Qualicum Beach! The plane was smaller than the plane I took to Uyuni from La Paz in Bolivia. It wasn’t as bumpy which is good. I landed 20 minutes later, and grabbed a cab to the spheres! I was greeted by Jamie, the nephew of Tom and Rosie. I was presented with a big basket full of pastries and snacks and a complimentary bottle of water and a little bottle of champaign which was so kind. Jamie and I talked for about an hour sitting inside of Eryn about my background of traveling and how I started and he introduced me more about the spheres and showed me where everything is on the property. I felt very comfortable and welcomed instantly. There are three spheres on the property named Eryn, Eve and Melody. Each spheres are different sizes but not by much. Each sphere has its on bathroom included a nice stand up shower and toilet with fresh towels and face cloths. Each sphere also has individual moon toilets right at the bottom end outside to walk out to so you don’t have to walk too far to the wash rooms in the middle of the night. They have drawings from tourists inside the moon from all over the world and they provide color pencils right inside the moon to draw something up yourself.


Inside view of Eryn from entrance


Ceiling of each sphere


There were two guest journals in the sphere I stayed in which was Eryn. Eyrn is 80% bigger than Eve and can fit three people, two on the bed and one on the loft bed which is above the counter. One journal was full so I wrote in the other one about my experience at the end of my stay and it was wonderful to see recent visitors wrote about their stay and experience from all over the world and even in different languages. Some even drawn in it with amazing art. It made it more personal and I’m sure it is great for them to read it as well on a personal level from visitors instead of writing reviews online. It’s always good to have something tangible like photos and journals.

You truly feel in tact with nature here and all you need is silence and to stare up into the sphere while laying down and intake everything. Listening to music in the sphere gives it a nice surround sound. They provide speakers for you to use. They have a mini fridge and sink in each sphere. They also provide coffee and tea and electric tea kettle, French press, sugar and cream, utensils to use such as forks and cups to wake up to in the morning with a hot beverage. These spheres are wonderful if a couple is looking for a weekend getaway or for a birthday gift. If a family would like to visit, a kid has to be 16 years old and older. Each sphere requires a non-refundable deposit of 50.00 a night plus tax. Pets are not permitted and neither is smoking. For guests comments about their stay, Trip Advisor has plenty.

pic 17

Composting Toilet (Moon) at base of each sphere 

pic 6

Tom, the inventor 

The couple, Rosie and Tom runs the family business and they were the sweetest. I got to enjoy the hospitality and short conversations of my background and they shared the history of the spheres. Tom has put a lot of time, years and work into each sphere as well as man hours. I was amazed, inspired and knew his work was revolutionary. It made me realize as a traveler that enjoys doing what I do, when you love and have a passion for something, it’s not work, it’s your heart. You have to keep that heart pumping so you have to keep going with doing what you love until you can’t anymore. It takes 3 years to make each sphere and 200 man hours just to make the shell itself. The hard work itself just inspired me on a new level. I had the chance to take a look at the two new current spheres Tom is working on in his warehouse on their property which was very nice itself and very home like. My dad is a mechanic and has a tool shed he works in and it gave me that vibe but his is much bigger and nicer haha. I left with great vibes and so happy that I had the opportunity to visit and sleep in a sphere!


Spiral staircase to Eryn

pic 5


pic 2


pic 13

One of the two new spheres in progress

pic 10

The second new sphere in the works

pic 12

Where the magic happens

pic 7

The making of a custom handle for one of the new spheres

Free Spirit Spheres

Tel: 250-757-9445

420 Horne Lake Rd, Qualicum Beach, BC V9K127, Canada

Written by Smiley Adventures


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