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I decided to visit Kith Treats, a cereal bar in Manhattan to have great experience with cereal and sneakers. I sat down with keenan who works at Kith Treats and he gave me the rundown on everything that I needed to know.


Kith started out as a sneaker store and then Kith Treats opened August 2015 and it has picked up a lot of momentum when it came down to sports and cereal which is what a lot of people can relate to in America and around the globe. They have done a lot of different collaborations with different brands and athletes. They have worked with people like Scotty Pipen and Victor Cruz who is within their inner circle and close with. Besides collaborating with Nike, Kith has also collaborated with Puma and Adidas. Now a year later, in August 2016, Kith Treats has done a couple of pop ups in New York in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. They have a few other projects in the works that will be a game changer.

Ronnie, the owner of Kith is a known cereal lover and it has always been his goal to develop a cereal bar as a child. He decided to channel his inner childhood and make that goal happened, and business has been booming ever since. Right now there are 23 different types of cereals to choose from. In the beginning, they were trying out different types that didn’t make the cut, so the swapped out some and then integrated new flavors that the customers would find more appeasing. When artists and athletes visit Kith, their inner childhood comes out as well. Everyone, no matter where you’re from can relate to cereal and it will always be something that can make a person feel excited about because most kids had cereal growing up. Celebrities aren’t celebrities the moment that they walk through the doors of Kith Treats. Nothing is better than creating a medium or something as relative as cereal for people to enjoy in a unique experience such as at Kith Treats while being interested in sneakers.





Kith provides milkshakes and a mixture blend of ice cream as well. They have more projects in the works for its customers with new treats, that’s something to look forward to. The relevancy between sneakers and Kith is that they stay connected to sneaker culture by providing a memorable experience for customers. Having access to the latest trend while eating cereal out of a sneaker box. The cereal box has two housings that hosts the cereal, milk and toppings, along with a spoon. The experience of eating out of a sneaker box goes hand in hand while sitting in a sneaker store, which is attached in the Manhattan location. The energy is great and the vibe with the employees are very welcoming. There is passion behind the people that work at Kith, which makes your experience even more fun. I highly recommend everyone that visits NYC to check out Kith Treats for a delighted treat.





Written by Smiley Adventures


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